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Our Services


Travel Consultation and Advice

We offer travel advisory services that guide you through essentials such as visa requirements, visa procurement, ticket purchase, accommodation booking and general ease of travel experience.

Leisure and Tours

Our leisure and tour packages deliver on these memories either for individuals or groups. We provide you with airport pick- up and drop off, exhilarating tourism sites, as well as guaranteed safety.

Hotel and Car Hire

We proffer the most suitable hotels and accommodation to our clients based on budget or length of stay. We have access to a variety of car hire services that deliver on premium quality and comfort.

Destination Management

We have trusted hands for travel experiences such as coach tours or safaris that might require specialized equipment or skills. We cater to various activities from
bungee jumping to rainforest hikes to exclusive entry to local sights, etc

Visa Assistance and Consultation

We assist our clients in completing the required documents, scheduling an interview at the embassy and submitting the documents. While we do not guarantee
visa issuance, we ensure that our clients stand a better chance of obtaining visa.

Airport Transfers and Ground Transportation

We offer secure, reliable and affordable airport transfers at hundreds of airports, stations and ports worldwide. You can skip the queues by choosing either a private transfer or shared shuttle with a professional driver.

Executive Jet Charter Service

We operate a modern fleet and offering a variety of sophisticated business aircraft. We also hold all our charter aircraft to the standards of global regulatory requirements.

Meeting and Event Management

We manage virtual or live events and meetings for companies or individuals. We carry out event strategies, venue research, creation of vendor networks, and contract
negotiations for event support services.

Airline Block Seat and Group Travel Management

We organise travel for our clients' meetings or events either locally or internationally. Our experienced group travel managers work tirelessly to make the every step of
the process seamless and peaceful.

Luxury Services

We specialize in designing luxurious travel experiences for individuals, families and businesses. This includes bespoke concierge services, luxury shopping etc.

Expense Management

We adopt travel expense management software to automate as many processes as possible. This includes writing off all travel- related expenses so as not pay taxes on that amount.

Ticketing and Itinerary Management

Whether it's a domestic or international travel, we offer our clients the most affordable fares for flights. Our team also provides you efficient itinerary planning.

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